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Adding video to a school website enables the sharing of culture and ethos of the school encouraging engagement with parents, governors, staff and official bodies such as Ofsted.

Video is eco-friendly and has longevity, so no more design costs and no more printing of expensive prospectuses every year. Viewers are time poor so with video can choose to watch what really interest them, and in their own timescale.

The result of integrating video within the website is that schools are able to improve their recruitment and retention of teaching professionals, show parents, at first hand, the school’s academic environment and can demonstrate their commitment to help develop young people into strong, sensible and enthusiastic future adults.

Parent: “I’ve seen the videos and I think it’s a brilliant school and guess what, the competition is very high to get a place here!”

Ex Student: “I think the strongest effect my primary school had on me was I used to be so shy, now I’m really confident and that’s helped me in job interviews that I’ve had for schools and other things.”

Head Teacher: “If this was an OFSTED report, the result would be OUTSTANDING! The video has saved us money and improved our engagement with both families and supporting bodies. We’ll be back for more.”

Teaching Professionals CPD: “It was such a pleasure to work with the Take One team. I am no stranger to speaking to big audiences, however appearing on camera is a different experience and the Take One team just made it great. What impressed me was that they had a genuine belief and understanding of the subject as well as the results we were looking for with teachers and students – that really made a positive difference to the end result.”