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BLU-RAY, The Next Generation

Written by John Groves

Sony and Panasonic have just announced their plans for a successor to Blu-ray discs. They are in the process of developing an optical disc capable of holding at least 300 gigabytes of data. By comparison a normal Blu-ray disc can hold 50GB with the Dual Layer discs having a capacity of 125GB compared to the standard DVD with a mere 4.75GB load.

This is being developed to coincide with the progression of 4K and 8K technology which will require substantially more storage capacity than is currently available. Sony has previously said that 4K ultra-high-definition movies – which offer four times the resolution of 1080p video – were likely to take up more than 100GB of space.

It recently launched a device that allows 4K films to be streamed over the internet, but that will be impractical for people with slow internet access or accounts with data-use limits.

“Optical discs have excellent properties to protect them against the environment, such as dust resistance and water resistance, and can also withstand changes in temperature and humidity when stored,” they say. “They also allow inter-generational compatibility between different formats, ensuring that data can continue to be read even as formats evolve. This makes them a robust medium for long-term storage of content.”





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