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  • 'Focus On' Podcast Drone FAQs

    'Focus On' Podcast Drone FAQs
    Welcome to episode 3 of our new series of podcasts. In this episode, we answer some of the FAQs we receive about drones.

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  • Drone video shoot in Buckinghamshire

    Drone video shoot in Buckinghamshire
    Back in 2019 on one of the hottest days on record, Elvan and Steve had the opportunity to go out and film a drone video for Whiteleaf Golf Club. In this blog, Elvan takes a look back at the experience.

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  • Using Drones for Business

    Using Drones for Business
    With phenomenal predictions of the number of drones used in the coming years, the opportunities for obtaining drone video footage for your business are vast. Read our blog for a few examples.

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  • Drone footage and 360 Walkthrough Experiences

    Drone footage and 360 Walkthrough Experiences
    We have recently had a number of requests from Golf Clubs to provide drone footage either of the club house and grounds in general, or of the course and specific holes with a view to upgrading their on-line presence. So in this blog, we share a few key things to consider when commissioning a drone video for a golf course or other outside venue.

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  • Drones for Video and 360 Degree Footage

    Drones for Video and 360 Degree Footage
    Well, it was never going to be a big seller though some businesses made a profit for a short time and in some cases, usually films! We’re talkinga bout 3D technology of course, and 3D can be used well, if used subtlety, thought it’s now a thing of the past and have to say we never, ever got to use the facility on our editing systems as most business and corporate video work is more interested in the message than the new technology. That said, one thing which may need attention though is 360 video, and more importantly 360 Aerial video so here are few tips and hints about what to consider and what is available.

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  • Using video marketing for Real Estate

    Using video marketing for Real Estate
    The Real Estate industry is often overlooked when it comes to digital and video marketing; however, buying, renting or selling a property is a huge step in many peoples’ lives, and you can’t deny that people buy from businesses that they feel they know and can trust.  Therefore, it’s important that you also show the human side of your business, and video can be a great way to do this.

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