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  • blog date 01 December 2014

    Sharing and Working with Video in the Cloud

    These days it’s equally as important to know how to access your video materials after production as well as during production, and with HD files becoming more common a sturdy platform for video file transfers is essential. Partnering with an industry-leader that continually brings new innovations to the customers, can future proof your online video investment for your clients so we’ve been looking at some of the cloud based video viewing and sharing platforms for professional use.

  • blog date 08 October 2014

    Video for the small screen

    The use of small screens such as iPhone’s, iPad’s and Smartphone’s to watch videos has increased over the past few years with more people choosing to use their devices to watch catch-up television, Youtube and other videos.

  • blog date 28 August 2014

    The Internet of Things Connects

    IoT will provide us with endless opportunities and connections to take place, many of which we can’t imagine or understand the full impact of today. Video can be received across a multitude of devices and businesses are seeing the advantage!

  • blog date 28 July 2014

    The Pros and Cons of using DSLR cameras

    DSLRs are starting to become more and more popular with amateurs and professionals alike. Many graduates seem to prefer the DSLRs, probably because that’s what they’ve trained on and of course because of cost and compact size. For personal needs they’re great, and for some professional needs they also work well, but take a look at our guest blogger’s thoughts from Phinktv as she covers some topics of concern on the pros and cons. Then you can decide for yourself what works perfectly for your personal needs!

  • blog date 21 July 2014

    Viewing on mobile devices

    More people are now watching TV and movies on tablets in their bedrooms than they watch on the TV. This means instead of watching programmes on the Television, people are now using their tablets in bed to watch films and TV shows. Also, people who own tablets are likely to watch more TV and movies than those who do not own a tablet. The reason being that people who own a tablet have more ways to watch TV programmes and films than those do not. Business who are looking to take advantage of video as a part of their marketing strategy need to consider the impact of mobile devices and allow for their content to be viewed in a multitude of environments. One key thing, remember people may be watching without sound – subtitles has become very important!

  • blog date 30 May 2014

    Using Video to Gain Profile

    What happens when you put video onto your website?

  • blog date 23 May 2014

    How to set your TV up to display the correct colour levels

    Recently several famous Hollywood directors have spoken about their concern over how their masterpieces are being viewed in the home. They would like you to experience their work exactly how it was originally intended to be viewed. Here’s a brief guide on how to set up your television screen to deliver the best results!

  • blog date 18 February 2014

    FaceBook or You Tube for Video

    There are over 60 free online platforms where you can lodge your video and tag with appropriate SEO labels! Most are easy to use and it really just takes a plan to get started, and of course time with a bit of skill. Posts on social media that include video have been shown to give 100% more engagement!

  • blog date 12 February 2014

    Solicitors are human

    Take One were lovely to work with; highly skilled and creative – I would happily use them again. It’s been the best bit of marketing spend we’ve ever made.




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