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Give your video a boost

Give your video a boost

It’s no secret that video is becoming an increasingly popular marketing tool, and for many marketers it’s a vital part of their marketing strategy. This is because video is engaging, it’s entertaining, it’s easy to share and it’s easy for people to digest. The old saying of ‘A picture paints a thousand words’ is much elaborated when you transfer the same message to video, which gives you 25 frames per second of viewing. Video is also a multi-sensory experience; you see and hear far more than can be gathered from the written and indeed often from a single photograph.

multi sensory when experiencing video

However, you may have an amazing video on your website but if it’s not optimised then it won’t drive the best results. Throughout this blog we will be sharing tips and advice on how you can get your video seen by more people for little or no cost.

Position on a website

Something we have been seeing more and more recently are companies that have video on their website but it’s been placed right at the bottom of the page, or it’s hidden at the back of their website in one of the minor sections which requires several clicks for a viewer to access.   When that’s the case, it’s likely that a lot of the website visitors aren’t going to see the video and you will seriously truncate the return on investment.  Ideally, you want to make your videos easily accessible to people so they don’t have to scroll or click too many time to get to it.   The best place is usually on the ‘home page’, and definitely above the third fold, so that it is in eyeline when the page opens.

Optimise titles

Titles and descriptions are just as important for videos as they are for blogs. You need a clear and accurate title and description in order to appear in relevant searches.  Cut out any unnecessary verbiage and concentrate on titles that will highlight the message of your video.  A really popular title is ‘How to….’ followed by ‘Tips to help…..’  So if you can find a way of making those titles appropriate, go for it.  Otherwise try using an on-line title checker to see the sort of searches viewers are typing in when looking for your kind of business or service.

optimising your video web pages

Transcribe videos

If your video has dialogue, you should consider transcribing it. Transcriptions are a great way to engage with a larger audience as it gives people the option to watch the video with no sound or on mute, and people who have hearing difficulties can also enjoy your video which ticks the DDA requirements too (Disability and Discrimination Act). In addition to this, transcriptions make it easier for search bots to understand your video; therefore they can put you in more relevant searches and boost you up the rankings, organically and – yes, virtually free.

Use relevant tags

If you are using YouTube to host your videos, a great way to appear higher in a search is to add relevant tags to your videos.  Ensure your tags are consistent with your marketing and metatags on your web page, consistency is key.

A good video can increase a viewer’s time spent on your website

Our final tip is that a good engaging video will increase the amount of time people are spending on your site; therefore a search engine will see your site as useful and relevant to the search term that people entered, and that will give you a little organic SEO boost. Bear in mind that most people will make up their mind as to whether or not they want to watch a video within the first 10 seconds so make sure you don’t waffle too much at the beginning and get straight to the ‘hot’ topic content.


Using the above tips will help make your video content be found more easily, and be shown as relevant content for your marketing strategy.  Video is something that really engages with an audience, especially these days. A professional and value added message can really work wonders. 

If you can only do one or two things out of the above suggestions, the most effective will be placing the video in the right place on your home page and adding a relevant title with description. Give it a go and see what happens.

If getting your video seen is something you would like to talk more about, please give us a call.





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