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Time-Lapse Video within the Construction Industry

Time-Lapse Video within the Construction Industry

What is Time Lapse Video?

Time lapse video is a method of recording a process which takes place over a long period of time, such as building a new bridge or housing development, and then condenses the story into a short fast-paced video telling the story of the project.  Time-Lapse video can range from a single camera covering a single day to multi-units to cover various angles and drone footage to give the final completed vista.

What are the Essentials of Time Lapse Video?

Firstly, making a great time lapse video appears easy, but actually it requires a lot of skill and knowledge. 

Secondly, it’s essential that you get high-quality pictures, a minimum of 4K resolution, a weatherproof camera and a good, long lasting power source.

So, you may be thinking I could use a webcam, mobile phone, DSLR or GoPro – and yes you’re right because time-lapse cameras come in all shapes and sizes, as well as cost. However, although the cheaper cameras, such as webcams, are simple to install, the reliability and quality of image is often quite poor. The big downside of these low end DIY options is the power source; for instance a Go Pro usually lasts less than hour before a battery change is required, and Smartphone usually need a power source for more than a couple of days’ use – so not very convenient for a long term project, i.e more than three days.

If you want to capture a project which is going to cover several days to weeks or even months, it’s usually safer and easier to use a dedicated time-lapse camera device and professional media team. 

time lapse snip

That said, good time lapse isn’t just about the quality of the image nor the angles they are taken at. It’s in the editing process that the real skill comes to the fore.  Skilful editing is essential to achieving a high-quality result. Remember, one minute of video requires about 1,500 pictures to be cut together! 

Pitfalls of using a Time Lapse Video

Back up and Power

The power source on a dedicated time lapse camera can last a long time, however we always recommend that the units are checked regularly, every month or so for very long projects.  And wherever possible, install more than one unit to give a backup source as well. 

Random Challenges

There isn’t that much to go wrong, yet random things do happen such as a camera being covered by a Hi-Vis jacket, a bird nesting on the fixing or a vehicle parking in front of the unit. 

Benefits of Working with a Professional Media Team

Working with a professional video company ensures the technical kit is set up correctly and isn’t intrusive or inconvenient.  They will do a review of your project and location, then choose the best site to place the camera unit or units.  However, the real benefit is their creative input, knowing what angles to set as well as any additional shots required.  It’s during the editing process that the team select the most powerful shots to tell your story, adding in captions and graphics to highlight key points such as…..

  • Foundations dug out and prepared
  • Wall panels fitted
  • Roof trusses in place
  • Tiling
  • Adding brick cladding
  • Insulation Inspection
  • Doors, windows and showhouse interiors

Then, to finish it off, drone shots of the complete project.

Time lapse video of Modular construction

Why Use Time Lapse Video?

Time lapse video is a great way to showcase your work. Whether you’re remodelling or building from new, you see the entire story.  People are fascinated to watch the action unfold in a short space of time which makes the finished video perfect for website, social media, trade shows or thank you gifts to clients.  

If you’d like to know more about using time lapse video for your business, please get in touch.





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