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Addressable TV Advertising

Addressable TV Advertising

As recently as a decade ago, the cost of having an advert made to be watched on the television would have set you back thousands of pounds.  Also, video production done well then, was incredibly heavy going with tape reels, cumbersome equipment and big luminaires. Many, if not all small to medium size businesses balked at the cost and took it no further. After all, it’s tricky to measure video marketing efforts these days so in the early 2000s, analysing and reporting on ROI seemed virtually impossible.

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However fast forward to present day, there is now something called ‘addressable advertising’ which has been going a few years but, over time, has become much more affordable.  The platforms on which your video can be viewed these days are vast, whether it be traditional or paid TV like Sky, Netflix, Prime or adverts on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, IGTV and now the new 15 second (or shorter) Twitter video ads.  These and so many more are all great ways to have your video shown to your target market.

With this in mind, at Take One TV, we’ve recently joined forces with AD|Smart, part of Sky TV, in offering ‘The Power of TV Advertising for All’ – a revolutionary approach to TV advertising which levels the playing field, so businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit.

When advertising on Sky AD|Smart, you can work with your Account Manager in selecting demographics and factors like hobbies and interests, medical needs, professional affluence, even Local Authority area to then target your audience with a video which will genuinely be of interest to them. 

What this means is two neighbouring houses could be watching the same Sky channel at the same time but, during the ad break, have different adverts playing depending on their family circumstances. What’s more is you as the advertiser, only pays for the view if it is watched in real time for at least 75% of the time. For more information on Ad|Smart, take a look at this link

By commissioning a personable and professional TV production company such as us, we can help with setting the strategy and plan how your addressable TV advertising campaign could work.  The Take One TV crew have helped clients with this process including;

  • discussing what type of video would be most effective for your target audience
  • story mapping and structure of content
  • preparing a compelling (but factual) script
  • guidance and training any contributors on presenting to camera
  • ensuring there is an inviting call to action
  • creating a campaign for other platforms where your video can also be seen

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Even at the beginning of a video project, try not to forget about the ‘so what’ - 

  • What’s the reason for your advert / video being out there?
  • What do you want people to do after they’ve watched it?
  • Why should they come to you and not a similar company?

For more information about video marketing or addressable TV, we’d be very happy to have an initial conversation with no obligation. 

Do get in contact with us – 01494 898919 / elvan@takeonetv.com




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