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Can Video save cancellations due to Covid-19?

Can Video save cancellations due to Covid-19?

It is only mid March but, 2020 so far has been quite a testing year for some.  We are now at the tail end of Brexit, which unfortunately divided our nation, many parts of the country have been badly affected by adverse weather and flooding and now we are faced with a global coronavirus. 

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It all feels very gloomy but, one way or another, the hard times will pass and the majority of people will dust themselves down, mostly recover from this superbug and be fine. 

Right now, more of us are going into self-isolation and working from home, however though you may not physically be in a room, that does not mean that you can't be 'there' in a virtual sense.

Video can be and is a way forward as an alternative digital solution.  Here are just a few examples:

Events – More businesses are pre-recording or live streaming their event to their delegates / audience.  Take One has done a few now and can help if you need guidance or just want to talk through some ideas.  

Music – Sing and perform together over the cloud / other video sharing platforms.  It will be different but hopefully a lovely way to express your talents.

PR – Newspapers and magazines are still being published, news articles (good and bad) is still present whether it is printed or online. This news can be shared via a video link, a series of videos or a live stream. For more local news, networks such as Nextdoor are pretty good, or set up a Whatsapp group.

Interviews – Once a potential employer has a candidate's CV and / or application, it is common practice in many places for the initial interview to take place via video; you get to meet and assess in much the same way as if you were sat across a desk.

Meetings – There are many ways of still being able to 'meet' your colleagues, clients and contacts via video in these difficult times, for example Zoom, PowWowNow or GoToMeeting.

Training and Development – Lots of us will still need to continuously improve and develop our abilities, knowledge, skills and experience. In the absence of physically being with a trainer, why not do your training by way of video?

Delivering a presentation – People generally retain more information when watching a video rather than reading lots of content.  Whatever your presentation, have an engaging story, perhaps use music and where appropriate use moving imagery and text.  Let us know if you'd like some guidance on your online presentation.

Behind the scenes – Could this be a good opportunity to show how you do what you do?  Whether you are in the business of manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, stock, transport, cooking or caring within the community.  Let's share the good work that you are involved in via video perhaps on Facebook or other social platforms.

We could go on but are sure you get the gist.  There probably will be some areas within business where video isn't the right avenue for one reason or another and we understand that video isn't for everyone.

Things can and will get better and it could be a good time to get your ducks in a row / wheels aligned / cogs lined up (pick any other metaphor) so that when things go back to normal, you can have your marketing plans in place and able to hit the ground running.

For now, let's do the traditional British thing and have a cup of tea.




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