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Branding Your Videos

Branding Your Videos

What do your customers expect of your Brand?

Thinking from a client's perspective, your business is more than a product.  When a client thinks of you they are remembering far more than the 'widget' they bought, last project delivered or most recent communication they received from you.  The things they have stored away in their archived image of you include things like the personality created by your brand, the way they were spoken too, how well you managed their expectations and, hopefully, delighted them, as well as how they see you digitally.   

How you brand your business and portray it to the world is your choice,  but it's important to remember that it can be a key deciding factor when clients are choosing you over a competitor. 

In today's digital world, video can and should play an important part in your brand story; when done well, your video content should be a seamless continuation of your brand.   Companies that use video are 65% more effective at maintaining consistent, relevant, personalized communications with customers and prospects;  72% of senior executives say that they prefer video as their main source of gathering information, so getting the brand right on your video content is essential.  It’s not a separate entity, but part of an organic whole.

Companies that use video are 65% more effective at maintaining consistent client communications.


What is your Story?

If you portray your business to the world as a forward-thinking, sleek and high energy service then your video content needs to match that story with lots of big, bold statements both in image, colours and text that supports a cutting-edge, go-getter identity.  Or if your story is about a stable, family feel that provides a friendly, supportive, empathetic service then maybe show your employees in a softer light, sharing their backstories.  What is it that makes them get up and go to work every day.  Share some insight into who the people in your business are and why they care about their clients. 

It really doesn't matter what your brand is, video can reinforce the story.  A word of warning though, make sure the brand you portray is true to who you really are.  If you say you are a friendly, supportive business, then that message needs underpin every touchpoint of the client journey both digitally and in person.


Tips to Keep Brand and Video Aligned

1. Include video in your brand guidelines for all levels of budget.

2. Consider what can bring your brand elements out in your video strategy. Think about the emotions you want to show and how you want the viewer to feel?

3. Look at ways to achieve your brand voice and tone in your videos. For instance, is your voice male or female, and what accent represents you?

4. Consider the type of visuals to use. Do you need bold images because you are selling an experience, or are the people in the business the key?

5. The video brand is far more than colour guides and fonts, they're the basics, but think beyond those to the overall impact.

6. Consider a mix of contributions including animation, on-camera talent, locations, infographics, and music.

So, we hope you found this brief outline on how to make video marketing blend with your brand strategy useful.  If you'd like to explore further we'd be delighted to hear your story and help you develop a video brand to match.





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