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Once your video has been published, there are many ways to see how successful it is. One main reason is the view count- the total number of people who have seen the video. Keep in mind that these are measured differently across different platforms. For example, YouTube counts a view once someone intentionally watches your video for 30 seconds Facebook views pop up after someone views the video for 3 seconds. For TikTok a view counts as soon as your video starts playing in someone’s feed.

Another way to see how well your video is doing is engagement such as comments and likes. You want to pay attention to the types of comments you’re getting as taking feedback can help improve your next campaign. Of course, more likes mean more people like your video and if it gets loads of like, the video will start trending, which means it is a success.  That said, trending isn't always the purpose of using video for business, as sometimes clients want to target more narrowly in order to attract potential clients who fit their ideal scenario;  so they want warm, relevant responses that may lead to opportunities for business rather than a lot of likes or comments that are out of their scope. 

Play rate tells you how many people actually clicked play to watch your video. This is different from scrolling down a feed with auto-play. You can calculate it by dividing the number of people who clicked play by the total number of visitors who can access the video landing page. One of many things that you can do to increase your play rate is to design an attention-grabbing thumbnail. Try to make sure this doesn’t include clickbait, as you may get more dislikes than likes. Clickbait refers to content whose purpose is to attract attention and lure visitors to click on a link to a particular web page or to click on a video. Sometimes what is displayed on a Youtube video isn't actually what is in the video. 



Your video will be fairly successful if the watch time is high. This is the total amount of time people have watched your videos. Longer watch time means people are enjoying the video, and Google will see the response as positive and relevant which helps with your organic ratings online.  If it's short this means you may have fallen short of the success hoped for and not appealing to the right audience .   One main goal that you want your video to go through is social shares. This widens your audience and can bring awareness to your video. If your video is promoting a brand, you will want it to be shared to attract potential buyers. Some apps can share videos across apps, such as TikTok can share a video from them to Snapchat. More shares mean more awareness and your video growth will rise somewhat exponentially.  


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