Add Value to Budgets with Video Localisation

Increase the Value of your Video Production Budget with Video Localisation

Importance of Video in a Marketing Strategy

There’s no denying that the huge rise in popularity of video in recent years has made it a leading form of communication. This has been for two main reasons:

1. the rapid evolution of technology, and its accessibility to the consumers through increasing use of smartphones and other devices,
2. coupled with a need to get relevant information quickly.

Why Localise Video?

So if you are planning to use video content for your business, what’s the value of localisation? Well, we live in a global world, and are more connected to our potential global market than ever before. As a result, organisations need to ensure they have the most effective means of connecting with their consumers in order to create opportunities.

Organisations can significantly improve the impact of their video communications with good video localisation, both regionally and globally. Research has shown that consumers are much more likely to engage with video content if it’s communicated to them in their own language. So if you want to tap in to the growing multinational market in the UK, European or the world, then engaging through a number of different languages could create real opportunities. Globally, you can take advantage of video localisation to expand the potential of your business internationally, and expand your market several times over.

So what do you need to take in to account?

If you know you want to localise your video content for a number of different audiences, there are a few things to consider from the outset.

In the initial stages plan for the adaptability of your content, and consider how easily it might translate in to other languages. It’s a good idea to discuss this with your video production team early on so that they can edit a little more loosely than normal to allow for variations in language timing, and allow more leeway on the visuals so that they can be extended or retracted if needed. The video production team will also safe or archive your material differently if they know you will want to localise as well be that as a dub, voice over or subtitles.

How might localization affect your budget and resources?

With careful planning, video localization can be incorporated in to your budget from the outset: the cost involved in potentially doubling your opportunities will not be double your budget! The additional cost for video localising footage can be a small percentage of the initial cost compared to the opportunities created – so it’s definitely worth considering.

An example of how we were able to successfully localise Slush Puppie’s new package of flavours under the ‘Eskimo Jo’ brand for their European market can be seen here:

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