Animations in marketing

Animations in marketing

As we have discussed before in our previous blog there are many different types of video that you can use in your marketing strategy. However, one type of video that we have been seeing more of recently is animation.

There are many advantages to using animation videos, the main one being that you have fewer restrictions. With animation, you can create wonderful things that would be impossible to capture in real life. Recently we have been asked to create some mini animation videos for our clients to support their digital marketing.   It is important to note that there are different levels of animation though, some very advanced and some more straight forward and we would use different tools, software and skills to create them.

One tool in particular that we have started using quite regularly is Powtoons. Powtoons is an online digital tool which helps you to create mini-animations videos quickly and relatively hassle-free. As you can see from the screenshot below there is plenty for us to mess around with and use.

Basic animation videos

They have a range of objects, videos, backgrounds and images that we can use and edit, or we can import our own if we want to. However, because it is an online tool the way in which you can animate and edit the objects is restricted so there are limitations on what can be done, however so long as the expectations are managed it’s possible to create some great animations at a reasonable cost.


There are many different ways you can effectively use animated videos within your marketing. You can use them as part of your long term marketing strategy, you can use them as part of your short term strategy, you could make a few one-off animations to cover a specific topic, you could have a series of short videos, you could make some for specific platforms e.g Facebook or Instagram - there are so many possibilities.

So here are a few different ways in which we have been using Powtoons. First of all, as you may have seen on our YouTube channels or social media pages, we have been creating some short animations for ourselves; we find that it’s a great way to quickly and effectively explain a topic.

Secondly, we created two slightly longer animations for a client as part of a marketing campaign for them. They wanted to explain a new regulation that was coming in that would have an effect on their industry, and therefore also affecting their clients. Once the two videos were completed they were shared on their various social media pages and uploaded to their website. 

animation video explainers

Thirdly, we have recently started making short animations for a networking group that we support as part of an ongoing marketing campaign. So far we have been doing 2 a month introducing the speakers at each meeting, plus some extra ones when the group gains a new member.

Animation video for societies and clubs

All of these videos are on their YouTube channel and get shared on their social media pages. These are not uploaded to their website as they don’t have a really long shelf life, whereas the two we made for our other client will still be relevant months later. 


In conclusion, whether it just a few small ones or a series of complex animations, animation videos can be a creative way to spice up your digital marketing. If you have any question or you’d like to find out how animation videos can benefit your business, please feel free to contact us for a free discovery session or workshop to explore the best options for your business.




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