Attracting New Customers

Hooking in new Customers

A new year, new customers!

Whether or not you have managed to secure a firm client base which forms the backbone of your work, all forward-thinking organisations will want to grow their business at some time or another and what better time than the new year. So how do you take that next step in trying to secure new clients? Here are some pointers:

Target the right people – have a growth plan so you know what you are planning to do and what success will look like for you.

Know your market
Do some thorough research – look at the competition and what they are doing – what are they doing that is different? What are their pricing levels? Where can you add something the competition doesn’t have? What will make you look different?

Know your customers
Having thorough knowledge of your customers is also important – about what they want and need. Why do they buy from you or use your services? Carry out a customer service survey? Are they happy with all you are doing? What could you change or deliver that could help them? How much do they spend?

Network – but effectively. Join local networking groups – you need to focus on the right types of people – those who could potentially buy from your business. Invest your time well in networking and it could serve you well. You could always consider hosting a seminar on your business – this is a great way to increase exposure.

Target your marketing
Effective marketing – people need to know you are out there. While social media can be an effective form of marketing, don’t carry it out in isolation. Seeing people face to face is important too as are other forms of marketing such as cold calling, direct mail, email marketing, leafleting, referrals. Pick 3 or 4 and really research them and focus on these. Another wide reaching alternative is attending a trade show. Even if you don’t book a stand you can always do business and network with fellow attendees.

Sell yourself
There is so much choice and variety around these days. Everyone has the internet at their fingertips and they use it to research the often plethora of products and services. You cannot afford to wait for clients to come to you – you need to get out there and be a salesperson for your business. Plan a sales process – focus on the right prospects and follow them through. Offer your services for free if this is feasible with your business – show people how great you are and hook them in! Obviously, video is perfect way to do this – it’s often been described as the closest thing to meeting face to face, and is certainly a shop window for you to introduce yourself to new clients.

HR Consultant Theresa Marks of ADD HR keeps in touch with her clients via a regular video newsletter

New markets abroad
Now we've transitioned from Europe, give more consideration to selling your goods or services abroad. Obviously this needs some research but it can be done. You can consider doing this via the internet – ecommerce is certainly a growing phenomenon in business today. Start with the UK, then look further afield? And do include video and localisation of content into local language and culture in the budget; targeted, localised video shows a distinct increase in bottom line sales on line!

The new year is the perfect time to reassess and bring new energy to your business – take advantage of it! If you'd like to chat through ideas and strategies for using video in the coming year then do get in touch  - mention this blog and we'll arrange a complimentary discovery session to explore the opportunities for your business.




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