Career path podcast with Martin Kingman of PLC Debt

Night owl Martin Kingman, qualified debt recovery & insolvency lawyer and owner of PLC Debt talks to Karen at Take One TV about his career path, including some ups and downs along the way.

Martin's aspirations as a youngster was to be a stockbroker; he always had an interest in business and commerce. Now he traces people across the world with monies outstanding. He classes himself and lucky when getting a fortunate newly created role as a legal assistant and never looked back.

Now as a business owner, Martin recruits people based on values as opposed to skills. We are in completely unprecedented times and Martin believes that perseverance, a good fit in with the team are key, everything else can be taught.

Karen and Martin also talk a bit about the fact that Martin is a volunteer with Kent Search and Rescue Charity and how to put a realistic perspective on social media.

Listen to the full podcast above. 

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