Client Testimonials – Written, Recorded or Video?

Client Testimonials – Written, Recorded or Video?

We all like to hear good news.  It’s even better to hear good news from someone we know.  And better still to receive that good news because of work we have done with them or for them. As Thomas the Tank Engine would say – we beam from buffer to buffer.  OK maybe that’s a bit over the top but the point is, we all love to hear and receive positive feedback as a result of our efforts. 

positive feedback from clients

As a business owner or as someone who is involved in client service, how do you go about leveraging this feedback and any good news?  Would you feel confident and comfortable in asking that person who is giving you the feedback something like:

  • “Could you please write about our service / product and what you thought about it?” or
  •  “Would you mind us doing a quick video to record what you thought of the service you received from us?” or, if they really don’t want to be seen on camera (see our blog on that)
  • “Can I please record a quick sound byte of your thoughts on our service?”

You never know and there is no harm in asking.  As they say …. ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get.’ If your customers have been happy with the service or product they have received from you, it’s absolutely worth shouting about and celebrating. Existing happy clients will always be your best advocates and client testimonials are a wonderful way to have new customers come to you.

Happy Clients

So that’s the gaining a testimonial bit, whether it be written or recorded audibly or visually – each of them has a merit and is completely worth doing.  Now onto the sharing this great news and the benefit of having client testimonials.

Share your Customer Testimonials

With so many people ‘on the go’ it’s very likely that your client testimonial will be either read, listened to or watched from a mobile device so get your fantastic news online and easily available to access. This could be on your website, in a short blog / vlog, on social media, on your YouTube channel, in the industry news, a podcast or perhaps a presentation of some kind.

Benefits of Customer Testimonials

Written Testimonial

This doesn’t need to be war and peace but the more heartfelt, the better.  When a prospect or potential client reads your testimonials, it’s important they know that you will be able to achieve their goal, solve their problem and face their challenge.

Sound Clip Testimonial

This could be very short, 30 seconds is quite a lot of time for your customer to summarise why they liked working with you and what they felt stood out about your service.

Video Testimonials

Watching a video testimonial, especially something like a case study, will probably be easier to consume, understand and remember than reading through paragraphs of written content.  It is well known that for each second on video, it’s worth 1.8 million words because of what the viewer sees, hears and experiences all round. 

Watch our video animation on the benefits of video testimonials

positive feedback

So be brave, stand out from your competition and ask your clients for a testimonial when you know that you’ve added that personal touch, resulting in them being incredibly happy with what you have done for them. The Digital Marketing team at Take One TV can help you through the process, give us a call to find out how with a complimentary discovery session.




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