CPD via Video for Teachers

CPD via Video for Schools and Teachers

Promotional Videos showcasing CPD within Education

Continued Professional Development (CPD): Managers in all walks of business life are aware that CPD is important for their team members and other staff.

In today’s world of work, if you stand still, you get left behind so it’s become even more important than ever for personnel to keep their knowledge and skills up to date. Research shows that CPD has value in the following ways to help keep, not only teaching staff but all employees in their jobs, continuing to deliver a professional service to whoever the end user is:

  • beneficial to the individual, their profession and potentially to a certain extent, the public
  • team members continually making meaningful and effective contributions in the workplace
  • increased confidence of each professional in their career and as a whole
  • knowledge and capabilities are kept up to date with current standards and frameworks in their field
  • career progression where one can supervise, lead, influence and mentor others
  • helps to keep the team members motivated and interested in what they do, in turn, giving them appreciation of the training received.


Equally in schools, head teachers, senior leaders and governors also value the impact of CPD for their teachers and LSAs, but the time spent out of the classroom and the expense of covering their teaching with a supply can be rather steep, and impractical. Here is where the value of using video for CPD can be very beneficial and there are various methods to consider, depending on your school’s potential video production requirements.

video production for education

Head teachers and school leaders organise these all the time for their pupils – professionals visiting their schools to engage and work with children on a range of topics including, reading, creative writing, art, self-defence, sexual education, anti-bullying, zoo-keeping – the list is almost endless. Why not organise for professionals to engage and work with the school’s staff to encourage their interactive learning? This way they can share common information and experiences that perhaps only your school encounters. It’s great for morale too.

Bring in an ‘Expert’
Presenters and public speakers who are very prominent now had to start somewhere in the past. With them, they bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and information that can be shared and reflected. If an educational expert can visit a school, rather than teachers going out to a conference centre, it will save both time and money. The ideas, discussions and feedback which this type of exercise may provoke will also be good for your CPD plan.

Teacher Training Dr of happiness

With each of these scenarios, a mediator can coordinate and organise the session without huge amounts of prep, perhaps using a study sheet which can be facilitated on the day. It’s also very important to have a method of monitoring and evaluating the CPD session, to show measurable impact. Having a professional video recording of either of these type of exercises will enable a school leadership team to not only re-visit the video as and when needed, but also to put the necessary CPD measures into place.

Wellbeing for Teachers

At, we have had the privilege of working with the National Learning Trust, an organisation that works closely with schools on a range of topics, including HR, Governor Advisory, Online Training and Continued Professional Development for school leaders, teachers and staff. Here you can find some of the videos which we made with the National Learning Trust for teacher CPD.

Dr Andy Cope – UK’s first Doctor of Happiness talks about the key to ‘human flourishing’

From this partnership, we believe that we can work with you and your school in producing a beneficial video to help with the continued recruitment, development and retention of your valued staff. Within schools, everyone wants the children to be lifelong learners. We ask why not lead by example and show that the valuable people who work in the school are also lifelong learners?  If you'd like to find out more about how video can help you do get in touch and we'll arrange a complimentary discovery session to explore the best opportunities for your needs.




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