Do you want happier customers?

Do you want happier customers? There is a scent which can help!

If you are looking to stir specific emotions, moods or desires among your customer, you can do it with a scent and on video by using techniques that encourage particularly types of engagement. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Pleasant aromas such as baked goods and citrus have been proven to make people nicer and happier. This scent could be useful at a customer service area. It’s also a well used ploy when selling your home as the smell of freshly brewing coffee or baking bread makes potential buyers view a property as more homely and welcoming. On video, showing people in a friendly environment helps viewers to feel more able to connect; whereas showing a professional front builds confidence in skills and abilities.

Having the scent of the ocean or a combination of apples and cucumbers in a small shop space makes it seems more spacious. Having the scent of a fireplace or a barbecue can make a large shop feel more homely. Showing size on video can be tricky, if the lighting isn’t correct the image can be dull and overpower the presenter or key image; video is a personal medium, it works well when you focus on the detail whereas large landscapes can be boring.

The scents of lavender, vanilla, lemon and camomile have calming properties and help control stress. This makes them common fragrances to use in spas. The music you use as a video base track can induce calm or evoke passion, however it should only be the support to the main feature so use it carefully. We can spend hours choosing music for video productions and the best choices are those that no one really notices yet feels empowered or directed correctly at the end of viewing.

Athletic performance
The scents which are ideal for gyms due to their energising nature are peppermint and jasmine. Again, music on video can be used to energise, but so can skillful editing which keeps the viewer’s attention and pushes them on to want to know more.

Staff productivity
To help performance at work use a lemon scent to aid staff productivity. We’ve found that video is a great productivity enhancer for our clients; they enjoy taking part in video recording but also like an opportunity to see and here from other parts of their business. It makes them feel a part of a larger operation and helps to build confidence in their value to the business.

Cognitive performance
To promote alertness and concentration in the workplace use the scents of rosemary and cinnamon. These scents are ideal for an environment where attention to detail is critical, such as banks. Cutting video carefully will also keep attention but it is a real skill; so many videos offer a talking head in one place for far too long; change the shots and keep the mind/eye engaged! However, don’t change the shots just for the sake of it; if the words and message are well crafted and delivered, it may be perfect as it is. That’s where the skill of professional video producers can guide you as to the best results;  if you'd like to take tea with us or have an informal zoom discovery session to explore how video could work better for your business, just get in touch - we'll be happy to hear from you.




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