Drone footage and 360 Walkthrough Experiences

Drone footage and 360 Walkthrough Experiences

We recently visited a lovely golf club in Buckinghamshire which has the most beautiful aspect from its members’ dining area across the rolling Chiltern Hills.  An ideal client for our drone video pilot to get creative with!

It’s interesting that we’ve had a number of requests from Golf Clubs recently to provide drone footage either of the club house and grounds in general, or of the course and specific holes with a view to upgrading their on-line presence.  Mostly these golf clubs are not actually looking to attract new members; many of them have a waiting list of people who want to become members. However, what they do seem to be interested in is attracting society days and events, as well as providing added value to existing members.

So here are a few key things to remember if you are considering a drone video for a golf course or other outside venue:

1. Time of Year

This isn’t just about the weather, it’s also about the quality and amount of light available.In the spring and the autumn the light is softer and can therefore be more enticing; on the downside of course, the number of daylight hours is shorter so the timescale for filming needs to be carefully planned.  In a previous blog we talked about filming a golf club on the hottest day of the year

Seasons for drone video and photography

2. Weather

In general, drones don’t fly when it’s raining or in high winds; it’s dangerous and doesn’t provide the best of results if you’re looking for attractive shots.We always do a recce of a location site and then keep a close eye on the weather forecast for several days before we are due to film.This is one of the reasons that the consent forms we need to get completed sometimes don’t have a specific day but rather a from and to notification, in case the day we had planned needs to be rescheduled.

3. The Grounds

The groundsman and his staff are going to want the greens to look pristine, so they need some notification to be able to prepare.Bushes need to be trimmed and sand bunkers raked to give the best impression on camera.

Drone footage for golf courses

4. The People

If you’re looking for shots of people enjoying the game then it’s important they know you are filming and have given written permission.Drones do make quite a lot of noise, they’re a bit like a rather loud lawn motor hovering over you, so it can be distracting to players.With that in mind, it could be worth giving some selected members a free round to take part.

If the aim of your drone video is to show off the different holes and aspects of the course then you may want to close the course for a couple of hours so as to get a clear run of the fairways; we find early mornings are good for this.

5. Budget

Something that clients have found useful is to get sponsorship of the video by asking different local companies, or members, to sponsor a particular hole or element of the drone video which in return, they get their business logo or details displayed on the finished video.Bearing in mind how popular video is, that can give a really great return on investment for the sponsors.

drone video for golf clubs

6. 360 Walkthrough Experiences

This is a tool that some golf clubs and venues are also considering in conjunction with drone video content. A bespoke virtual tour can make your premises stand out in the market. The tours are fully interactive and show off internal facilities to their fullest potential.A 360 walkthrough is a stunning visual aid to your marketing collateral, giving potential customers a real-life view of your venue.

If you’d like more information on drone video fly overs or 360 walkthroughs, just give us a call and we’ll arrange a discovery session to look at the feasibility and suitability of these great marketing tools for your business.




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