Embedding video into your email marketing


Marketing via email; it’s one of those things that needs to be done in business in order to build your brand, share your message, celebrate milestones or generally send out an update to your audience.

Video marketing via email is growing exponentially.  Viewers engage quicker when receiving a video and tend to consume the information more easily than reading wordy sentences.

Many like to know what they’re about to click on. A thumbnail image can help with this, whether that be a screen grab of your video or an image that has been created. But, how easy is it to send a video within an image as part of your email marketing? Unfortunately, you can’t simply embed a YouTube video into an email. That can usually only be done within your content management system (CMS.)

If you send videos as part of your comms, that’s great!  How do you do it?  You could send an mp4 straight from your outbox but, depending on the size of the video, it may not be received or the quality may not be good due to bandwidth restrictions.  Let the internet do the hard work for you, by embedding your web-based video into the email.

Would you send:

(1) A written link, that looks like this  …

Hey, I thought you would find this video interesting! -

(2) A written link that looks like this that is hyperlinked …

Hey, I thought you would find this video interesting!

(3) An image that is hyperlinked like this ….

Hey, I thought you would find this video interesting!

How can we make it more obvious that this image is hyperlinked to a video, and not just a static image?

(4) A visual like this, showing the recipient what to expect, overlayed with a play button?Hey, I thought you would find this video interesting!

 Take One TV showreel - Stranger Things theme

This image with a play button overlay, clearly shows you that clicking on it, takes you to a video.

We would definitely advise that your visual to the video is ‘click worthy,’ simple for your audience to notice and obvious there is something you would like them to click on?

Studies show that click throughs on emails with video are far higher than emails with no video (article by Wistia.)


Another key thing to remember when creating your marketing emails is to ‘insert > picture’, rather than ‘attach file’.  We don’t want the image to be part of the attachments under the subject line like this:

We want the image to actually be within the body of the email  …. like this

Research has shown that using video as part of your email marketing:

  • decreases the number of unsubscribes
  • increases click through rates
  • increases engagement
  • increases conversions

We hope this helps with giving you the ability to send out marketing emails using video to help drive business your way. Our team can help with the creatives, do drop us a call or email to find out more.



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