Facebook Live

In 2012 Facebook made a giant leap from desktop computing to providing it’s social network on mobile technology and in particular smartphones using the launch of its mobile app to increase its market share of the growing mobile consumer market. As you'll know from your own use and that of your clients, the mobile platform usage of Facebook has proved very popular. There is still a 'video First' visual centred lead on preferred content, and video is providing the lion's share of attention on the Facebook platform.  As a result Facebook continues to make aggressive moves to get people to produce and view more video, whether from friends and family or from industry professionals, hence the push on consumer generated video.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and Chief Executive, stated “We see a world that is video first, with video at the heart of all of our apps and services,” he went on to say “video will look like as big of a shift in the way we all share and communicate as mobile data has been.

The ‘Facebook Live’ app makes it easy to shoot streaming video on mobile devices. It is also encouraging more media professionals and the corporate sector to provide more video centric content. It is also building video products for its current messaging apps ‘Facebook Messenger’ and ‘WhatsApp’ both of which have over a billion users.

It’s no secret that Facebook is interested in tapping into television advertising revenue which generally commands larger budgets than those typically available to social media. Video ads are a giant stepping stone to more revenue for Facebook, but also a great advantage for businesses who can literally share who they are in a virtual on line meeting.  Mark Zuckerberg has recognised that getting more connection and engagement through video is critical to future business growth.

More than a billion people a day use Facebook on their mobile devices for the first time. Overall, more than 1.7bn people use Facebook at least once a month, and they are all hungry for content, and they all love video.  For information on how Take One can help you tap into a potential market audience of over 1 billion viewers by producing professional video content for your Facebook page contact on the form below and we'll arrange a free discovery serssion to map out your plan for increasing engagement on line.




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