Facebook Live - 8 Tips for Video Content

Facebook Live - 8 Tips for Video Content

Live broadcasting platforms are becoming increasingly popular as a vehicle for marketing brands. But you need to choose your platform carefully as not all content works well on all platforms. Here are some content ideas to consider adding to your video marketing strategy in 2017:

1. What’s New? Product & Service Announcements

Facebook Live is the perfect platform to make product announcements.
In real time, consumers will be up to date on all you have to offer, they can engage with new products and feedback live. Always pay attention to customer feedback, it’s vital to successful business growth.

2. AMAs/Q&As/FAQs

As Facebook is a site that millions use on a daily basis, brands can use ‘Ask Me Anything’, ‘Question & Answer’ or ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ content on Facebook to communicate with their audience and fans. Topics need to be constantly reviewed and kept up to date to hold viewers interest.

3. Behind the Scenes

Giving consumers an insight into the workings of your brand can increase loyalty and interest.
or example, following the day in the life of an employee or showing how a product is made.

Behind the scenes of a studio production

4. Breaking News

Research carried out by Pew Research ( showed that 66% of adults regularly use Facebook to get their news. If you can start broadcasting as soon as a story breaks you can draw customers in – use this to not only convey the facts of the story but talk about your brands’ reactions to it. Facebook needs personality to connect but do be cautious about not diluting or damaging your brand!

5. Challenges and Competitions

Challenges are becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon, and competitions always bring attention to your brand.
If you can broadcast these live you won’t fail to attract viewers.

6. Demonstration videos

How-Tos are one of YouTube’s most searched for video types and work well on Facebook live too!
You can illustrate how to use your brand effectively and also show tasks that relate to your industry as a whole.
People put a lot of trust in these types of videos and, again, they can increase brand loyalty.

7. Live Events, Appearances and Exhibitions

Live events were once limited to the audiences who could reach them – but not anymore! These events can be streamed to reach a much wider client base.
Guest celebrity appearances will always draw in viewers too.

8. Interviews

Interviews can also draw in a number of viewers and build up your fan base.
There are endless options – interviewing employees to get an insight in to your business, or bringing in persons of interest, celebrities etc. However, again, do be careful not to damage your brand with poor quality content so keep things social but still good quality with relevant information.

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