'Focus On' Podcast How to appear comfortable on camera

Karen is the director here at Take One. Karen has over 30 years of experience in the TV & Film industry, from working at the BBC to starting her own corporate video production company, Karen has experience in all areas of video production. Karen loves helping people to share their stories, everybody is unique and has something interesting to share whether you believe you do or not. 

One of the most common reasons we receive from people who are considering video is 'I don't want to be on camera'. There are many reasons why people feel uncomfortable appearing on camera but the most common is usually that they are worried about what they will look like and how they will come across.  

With the rise of social media, everybody is seeking information online, and with the rise of sites such as TikTok, people are craving video content and they want authentic video content. At the end of the day you, your colleagues and your employees are the face of your business, you are the ones that people will be meeting and seeing, and video provides your clients with the opportunity to 'meet' your virtually before they meet or speak to you in person, making them feel more comfortable with you. 

If you are feeling nervous, there are things you can do to make sure that you come across in the way that you want to. In this podcast, Karen shares her expert advice that she has learnt over the years, to help you feel more comfortable about appearing on camera. 




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