'Focus On' Podcast with Pete Avery of We Are Stride

Pete is a copywriter and a brand identity consultant, but more than that he is a strategic copywriter who understands the importance of narrowing down the reason people buy from a specific business. Pete has developed coaching methods, masterclasses & prints to enable start-ups, SMEs even eBay to confidently commission or create content & marketing which differentiates them from the competition.

Pete also draws on his experience as an art director to help him find that balance between words and visuals, to create marketing material that will communicate the right message to your audience. 

Over the years Pete has worked with many different forms of marketing from posters and print to digital and social media... Things have changed quite a lot but one thing remains the same... The key to reaching your audience is good communication. 

Pete covers all this and shares his tips on how to communicate effectively with your audience. 

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