Guide to Filming in High Wycombe

Guide to Filming in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

High Wycombe Buckinghamshire is a popular location for Film and Video Productions

Wycombe District Council welcomes filming in the town and surrounding areas – they know it is good for business and tourism and it makes a positive contribution to the local area.

Some recent films and television programmes that have been filmed in the area:

• The Counselor (Director: Ridley Scott)
• X-Men First Class (Director: Matthew Vaughn)
• The Duchess (Director: Saul Dibb)
• Nanny McPhee (Director: Kirk Jones)
• Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Director: Tim Burton)
• Johnny English (Director: Peter Howitt)
• Sleepy Hollow (Director: Tim Burton)
• The Avengers (Director: Jeremiah S. Chechik)

• Black Mirror: The Waldo Moment
• Cranford
• Miss Marple
• Midsomer Murders
• The Vicar of Dibley
• Inspector Morse
• Fawlty Towers

Tips to make Video Filming Stress Free in High Wycombe

There are some simple steps you need to take if choosing to film in High Wycombe. You should approach filming with a clear idea of your project and its location needs. Please find below some points you need to consider and links to the necessary contacts and permissions:

#1) Location
Make sure you thoroughly research locations you might want to film in. If you can’t get to the areas in person the internet is a valuable tool for finding images and videos and maps. Once you’ve decided on your locations, do a recce of the areas so you can ascertain what permissions are needed and what amenities are close by.

#2) Permissions
In the first instance complete an application form giving at least 1 weeks’ notice for small shoots. Larger productions may need much longer (up to 8 weeks) if planning permission for sets etc is required.

To film at locations in Wycombe you need to get permission from the appropriate organisations.
If you are filming on a public highway you must contact Buckinghamshire County Council (tel: 01494 475321).

#3) Insurance
You will need insurances so make sure they are in place in advance of applying for filming so this doesn’t hold you up. Indemnity insurance and all production companies filming in the street or public places require public liability insurance. You will have to provide proof of these.

#4) Safety
Make sure you carry out a thorough risk assessment for all filming that is going to take place. You will need a trained first aider for larger productions who will need to be on location at all times. If you are filming on public highways you will need hi vis clothing.

#5) Police
Wycombe District Council recommend you inform Thames Valley Police of your activities. You can email details of your proposed filming to: Legally you are obliged to inform the police if filming in a public place or on the street.

#6) Costs
There is no charge to film in High Wycombe but you may be charged for the following if utilised:

refuse collection removal of street furniture removal of unit signs that have not been removed by the production company off street parking provision

#5) Contacts
Please click here for all useful contacts for filming in the Wycombe district -

#6) More Information
With lots of information, in particularly relating to large productions, please see the councils Filmmakers’ code of practice which can be found here:

If you need video recording or production services in High Wycombe or Buckinghamshire, we have a small green screen studio in house and several camera kits, and drone with crew and production facilities that may be of interest;  do get in touch for more information.




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