How to create a Video

Having a video on the internet is similar to having your business or shop open 24/7 to clients or customers. People will come to the website any time of the day or night and it’s important that what they see gives them the best possible impression of your company.

Meeting a client on video

Using an attractor video format is the best way to do this. An attractor video is generally a 60 second piece to the camera given by either the manager of the company or someone who is an expert in the field. This is just an introduction to yourself and you’re talking as if to one person. It’s important to talk directly to the viewers online and as the owner you have a reason to feel passionate about what you do and you need to share that passion in your video. Talk about something unique and the benefits that would be offered to the viewers if they were to engage with you.

The content of the video needs to be thought about. One thing to think about is why the viewer should buy from you. Think about your business; why would someone choose your business over another one who does the exact same thing? This isn’t about selling; it’s about what benefits you offer which makes the difference of someone choosing to engage with your company over another one. This needs to be done in a way in which they understand the difference you could make. It doesn’t come from just saying “We make good videos”. Explain why your videos are good and how your good videos make a difference. This is the really important content.

Explain the heart of your business. Why you do what you do and the difference it makes to clients.

What to say

3 key points in a 60 second video is plenty. 60 seconds can either be really long or really short depending on the way your video is put together. People will only remember 3 key things. Keep to those 3 key points you have chosen and give consideration to them. Remember to include a call to action because you want people to contact you after watching your video.

If the viewers are interested in what your video is about, but they found your video through YouTube and not from your website, they will need your details to be able to able to contact you easily. If you can, put in a special offer or a guarantee into the video, this will help to give that extra little push so that they are more likely to take action at that point rather than think about it.

The next thing you need to think about is the script. It’s very tempting to say that you’ll do this on the spot because you present to lots of people all the time, you present at meetings and at seminars all the time or you go to present to potential clients, but when you present on a video it has a different feel than presenting to someone in front of you. It is therefore important to write down what you want to say.

Once you have done this it is suggested that you record yourself, using your mobile phone, so you can listen back to it, and see how it would sound to someone watching you. You might find it doesn’t sound quite right or how you thought it would sound. If this happens, go back and make some changes to your first copy and make it sound more conversational than written, re-write from your spoken words and those spoken words will be the ones you use when you do your presentation.

Write your script, record it, listen to it and then re-write it from your spoken words if it doesn’t sound right!
Next, think about the timing of the script. When you are writing your script remember that 3 words is about 1 second but you don’t need to fill all of the 60 seconds full of content, you need a bit of a break and this gives the audience time to have a look at what you are showing them, even if it’s just some graphics on screen it gives them time to take on board what you are saying.

What you look like

Your appearance on camera is the next thing that you need to look at. How do you want appear? When filming the camera is your audience, to make it feel as though they are talking to someone, sometimes people put a photograph above the camera lens to help them imagine talking to someone, even a picture of a smiley face might actually make you smile a little bit more.

We always spend time helping our clients feel comfortable on camera and mentoring them on how to deliver their best results!  If you'd like help with your next video production do get in touch and we'll arrange a complimentary discovery session to ensure you get the best results for your business.




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