How to promote your YouTube Channel

Key Tips to help promote your YouTube Channel

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, with Google - who own YouTube - being the largest, so making the most of getting your YouTube Channel found is a vital part of any on line marketing strategy.

Here a few tips to help you improve your YouTube strategy:

1. Allow Embeds

There is an option on your Channel to allow or not allow embeds. If you do allow your videos to be embedded, it means that others can share your content on line in their blogs and on their web pages. All they have to do is copy and paste the link under the ‘share’ button so if a journalist or blogger comes across your video and feels it is of value to their audience, they can share! So, the upside of this is that you get in front of more viewers and potential customers; the downside, you can’t control who is using your work. For us, allowing embeds isn’t usually a good option as the majority of our video work is bespoke to a specific client and they want to maintain control of where their video content is lodged. However, for specific campaigns and sectors it is worth considering allowing embeds, but perhaps with a hot link back to your own chosen website or a strong call to action that takes viewers back to the place that YOU want them.

2. Get Playlists Organised

Playlists are an important tool on YouTube; they allow you to build custom lists of videos and the key value is that when someone watches a video from a playlist they are automatically directed to the next video in that list when the current one finishes. If you create a playlist of your recent relevant videos and then send visitors there, rather than to a single video, you will increase the chances of viewers watching more of your content, staying longer on your channel and improving your channel ratings as a result.

3. Watch Me Titles!

Spend time considering the titles of your videos; they need to be descriptive, have keywords and catchy to engage with the audience – however remember relevant is also key because if you mislead viewers and they click away quickly you will lose ratings. Make your title intriguing enough to catch the attention and descriptive enough to ensure the content is as expected when viewed.

4. Hashtag Use

Try to use hashtags on all social media and other platforms that allow their use; the benefit is that every time you use a hashtag you increased the potential reach of your message. What happens is that if someone searches for your hashtag i.e. #videocontent then they will come across your post. As ever, make the tags relevant, so a dance teacher could use the tag #ballroomdancing and #dancelessons to reach potential viewers who aren’t yet followers.

5. Make your Blogs Work Harder

Link to your YouTube Channel from your Blog pages, obviously only to relevant videos though! Or comment on other peoples’ blogs – if you read an article that you think is good, leave positive feedback, and in most cases you will find there is a space to leave your email information, and also an optional field called ‘website’ where you can place your Channel url. However, can’t emphasise enough here the importance of being relevant – no one is going to appreciate you leaving a link to a video that isn’t relevant or is quite obviously competitive in nature – yet another reason for educational content engagement!

6. Let people know you have a YouTube Channel

It’s not unusual to find that people don’t have their YouTube Channel or other social media contacts on what would seem to be ‘the obvious’ places. But do check that you have working links on your main website, on any on line directories you’re in, in your email signoff and all social media outlets, as well as printed materials, banners, leaflets, signage and so on. Consistency is key and the more times you show people where they can find you the more likely they are to take a look, eventually.

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