Mental Health Projects

2021 so far has seen the Take One TV crew, filming projects mostly based on well-being. Working with companies to promote positive mental health, happiness and flourishment definitely gives us the feel good factor and we hope it helps them on their quest to promote positivity and happiness.

Internally, Elvan, our marketing co-ordinator has also taken part in a wonderful mental health initiative recently; this is her story.


Fundraising is really hard at the best of times. Since Covid struck, many who work within charities and non-profit making companies have had to think outside the box and work harder than usual to ensure their causes continue to be viable.

On top of this of course is the fact that mental well-being is, thankfully, no longer a taboo and the pandemic really has affected the mental health of hundreds, if not thousands of people.

Despite the horrible, cold and rainy spring we’ve had in the south east, I decided on 24th April to take on the challenge of walking 100 miles in May for the mental health charity Mind.  Within 24 hours of setting up a Facebook fundraising page, I raised a quarter of my £500 goal; an amount I thought very optimistic at the time.

A week into the challenge, my step-dad took ill and a week later, sadly passed away.  I thought he didn’t know I was doing this challenge but my mum tells me he did and had said what a good thing it was for me to do.  Ironic that until this point, I was taking part in this challenge to help others suffering with their mental health; others who I don’t know. Now it was something I had to do for myself and my own mental wellbeing.

Half way through May, I had covered 56 miles and, whilst it was far from easy, I felt pretty confident that I’d make the 100 miles by the end of the month. I asked my followers how many more miles than 100 they thought I’d achieve by 31st May - they ranged from 120 to 200! The positivity and words of encouragement were overwhelming.

To make some of my walks a little different, I attempted something that a few other fundraisers had tried, using my tracking app to walk the word ‘Mind’ at a local park.

On the 26th May I had hit 100 miles.  I laughed, I cried, I celebrated and it felt great!  Plus, the weather was finally becoming a bit drier and a bit warmer.

By the 31st May I had covered 123.5 miles.  I was achy, emotional and still overwhelmed by the generosity of, not only my friends and family, but some who I don’t even know, but still sponsored me!

It has been a challenge, but in a good way and I hope that what I’ve raised helps others tackle their well-being barriers.

For anyone who may be willing to contribute towards Elvan's fundraising page, it is open until 5th June 2021 - Click here for the link

Photo taken by my 9 year old son.




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