My Experience with Take One TV

First steps

Getting a work placement to gain more experience and support my media course was a really valuable thing to do. I needed a workplace because I wanted to gain some experience with IT or a creative media company that has experience on what to do in the work industry. It was required by the college to fill in 30 hours of work experience related to my creative media course.

I aspire to become a data manager because organisations create and consume data at massive rates so data management is a vital job role in the work industry, as many jobs collect, store, analyse, and organise information.

This fits with my media course because creativity such as films and media provides insights into market trends, public preferences, and competitive landscapes. Analysing the data can identify patterns and opportunities to inspire ideas.

Key Learnings

In my experience in working with Take One TV has allowed me to learn and utilize the animation programme called PowToon. Using this tool, I was able to make animation presentations using graphics, music, and video effects. In addition, by working with Take One I was able to pick up and understand the normality of a work industry area and what they expect you to do as well as getting on with it.

Also, my experience with Take One allowed me to remain calm and collected because if you’re overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, it will make things worse in the work industry as you won’t be able to concentrate or do any of the assigned tasks you were meant to do.

In my experience being punctual, asking questions, and making notes will make a difference because when I don’t understand what I’m doing, I ask someone else who does and they give me a bit more clarity and information on what I have to do. Also, making notes will allow me to retain the information I learnt here to help me in the future when I encounter a similar situation that I faced in Take One.

My main concerns were not being able to cope with many work responsibilities entrusted by Take One TV and how I plan to do them if they want it done a specific way. However, by asking advice for on more specifications I was able to understand and delve deeper into the tasks I was assigned so I could execute them properly.

Looking for an industry placement?

If you want to get good work experience, I suggest you plan by researching the company the basic factual information that will be easy to remember. Furthermore, prepare some questions to ask the interviewer when they ask if you have any questions as this will show you have initiative.

When you know all the information about the company you’re going into work placement, then reach out to the company, and judging from the interviewer’s question if you go above and beyond by presenting yourself with prior knowledge of the company will go a long way. Dress smart in a good shirt and trousers instead of wearing track bottoms and a jumper.

Also, how you present your personality is important because if you show that you are confident, respectful, and insightful employers will look into those strong qualities as this will make the company better with work ethics and characteristics like that. What you shouldn’t show in a job interview is being nervous, scared, and trembling because this will show you are ill-suited for the workplace lifestyle.

Call to Action

I feel like I’ve gained more confidence and knowledge since I started my work placement for Take One because I became much more aware of the types of software like Avid and Adobe Photoshop. This work placement will help me move forward because it will allow me to gain the necessary skills and develop a necessary work ethic that will give me more perseverance and energy every time. 




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