Social Marketing and Video Content

One of the most common challenges that clients perceive with social marketing videos is a lack of things to talk about or show on camera. People often feel they don’t have enough content to produce material that will be sufficiently engaging and appeal to their audience.

So, here are some ideas to help you get your video marketing strategy calendar filled out!

Local Celebrations for Local Businesses

Check out FaceBook for local events that have synergy with your business offering and then create some video clips and comments that will raise your profile. Maybe consider a special offer that is timed to coincide with a local event. Make sure your mobile profile is up to date and relevant, as people coming to local events will be accessing information on their mobile devices. This includes getting Google Maps activated and posting special offers relevant to the event. For instance, at a food fayre, a local cafe might offer a discounted tea or coffee if you buy a cake; of if there is a French Market in the High Street, by not take a photo of your staff in costume offering local products or complimentary products. Record a video where you share the names of English items in French, or French in English; share on video something you can make with English cheese or enjoy with French wine. Get creative, but keep it short of course and always direct people back to your business.

Birthdays and Celebrations

Research local celebrities or events that relate to your business and publish a #FBF #TBT post related to that event in the story of your business. Doing this sort of thing can enhance a sense of legacy about your business and show that you care about community and history, not just the here and now money. Community and History

Charitable Events and Contributions

Are you going to be doing something for the MacMillan Coffee Morning “” or Red Nose Day or Children in Need, or even better for a local charity such a Horizon Sports Club for Children with Disabilities Then create a buzz around what you are planning and also take some advantage of the bigger picture by sharing on social media video clips of your event.

National Holidays and Events

Make a list of national holidays and events such as Valentine’s Day, Shrove Tuesdays, St Swithen’s Day, St David’s Day, St George’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, April Fools’ Day, Halloween, National Teachers’ Day, Go to School Day and so on. All of these established events can be the impetus to raising your social media marketing profile with video comments, photos and postings. For instance, you could encourage staff to wear something green for St Patrick’s Day and post video of the best outfits; have a kind of ice bucket challenge on St Swithen’s Day where you see how long it can take to empty a bucket of water with a teaspoon, something silly that can easily be copied by others is a good thing. However, don’t forget to have some slant towards your business at the same time, so for us as video producers we’d be looking at ways of protecting our cameras from too much water perhaps?

So get those video strategy content calendars filled up with key local and national events, then hone them with messages that are relevant to your business and create engagement with special offers to your target audience and location. Once you have a plan, then it’s much simpler to put it into action!  If you'd like help getting a plan together for your video and social media marketing, give us a call and we'll arrange a free discovery session to help clarify the areas that would work best for your  business.



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