The Voice of a College Student's Work Experience

We were recently given the opportunity to take on an 18-year-old student from Amersham college. Anthony joined us once a week for three months. Here he talks about the projects he worked on, and the skills he gained while here. 

I am currently doing a Level 3 TV And Film course at Amersham college which I have enjoyed so far, especially aspects like video editing and filming. I decided while doing this course that I wanted to look for some work experience, so that I could gain more knowledge of media skills in a work environment.  



After being introduced to some of the editing software that is used at Take One TV, I was given my first project which was to edit a podcast. This was a new experience for me as I hadn’t really done any editing with audio before;  most of the editing I had done at college was primarily video editing. I found editing the podcast fairly simple and straightforward as all I really had to do was change some of the audio levels in the editing software, and add an intro to the start of the podcast. Editing this podcast definitely helped me learn a bit more about editing audio as well as just video.


Chiltern Chamber Zoom Videos

Once I finished editing the Podcast my next few projects were focused on editing some online Chiltern Chamber meetings. The editing for this involved cutting out 3 questions for each video from the keynote speaker recordings to be used on the Chiltern Chamber's social media. For this, I had to watch the whole video first to find the questions section, and then I had to watch the questions section a few times to decide which questions I thought were the best to use and would be most engaging for the audience. These projects were not too difficult as I was already familiar with cutting out clips from videos having done it before a few times at college.


Hills Café Animation

The next project I was given was something very different than anything I had ever done before as it involved animation. The project I was given involved making an animated promotional video for a café called Hills Café. I created this animation using an on line software platform.  I was concerned that I would need to be able to draw for animation but the software package made it very easy to create the animation.. Using this platform was definitely helpful as this was my first time creating an animated video and I was very unsure of what I was doing, so using easy-to-understand software was definitely a benefit. The video in the end took me around 4 hours to edit and, in my opinion, came out pretty well for my first animated video.


OK Our Kids Awareness Event

The final project that I was given to complete during my time at Take One TV was to select some clips from an OK Our Kids charity event which had been filmed earlier this year. This was the most difficult out of all the projects as it was time-consuming due to the original recorded video being over an hour long. This was also a new experience for me as I had never edited clips out of a video anywhere near this length before. I chose 4 different clips from 3 of the different speakers at the event to showcase the best message for a social media audience.

Overall, I have definitely enjoyed my time here and am thankful for the experience.   I have learnt new skills and have become more familiar with different types of editing software.  Hopefully, I will be able to apply some of the skills I have learnt to my second year of my Level 3 college course.


Here at Take One we enjoy taking on work experience students, we find this experience very rewarding as it’s lovely to be able to help young people develop digital skills that they can then take forward into their studies and future careers.




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