To Green Screen, or not on Video?

To Green Screen, or not to Green Screen on Video?

When looking to make a company video, always consider using green screen as an alternative to location shooting. There are a number of benefits which could save you time and money, whilst giving effective and professional results.

Here are 5 benefits of using a green screen:

1. Time Saving
Using a green screen can save you time in both pre-production, production and post. There is no need to scout locations, carry out recces or look for props to fill a set. On the day itself, if you are planning to film a number of interviews in one day, you can place each in front of the green screen and get them all done without setting up and taking down multiple set-ups for shots. In post-production, consistent captured footage makes for a faster edit. However, careful lighting needs to be used to get a good separation for keying and you do need somewhere reasonable quiet for useable sound – our small green screen studio in High Wycombe set ready to run within a short space of time making it easy for people to just pop in for half an hour and do their stuff!

2. Flexibility
Rather than shooting in multiple locations for variety, this can all come later in postproduction, and can be altered as you see fit once you know what has been said in each interview. And often in the corporate world it’s not much about the pretty pictures but the real people sharing their knowledge and experiences that matter so a neutral, controllable background can be perfect.

3. Consistency
With flexibility comes consistency – the environment and feel of the video can be very much in synch throughout the video. Visual issues, such as lighting which can vary when shooting on location, will be consistent. You are almost totally in control of your environment – no mean feat when filming.

4. Branding
And with consistency follows branding! Your company identity can be thoroughly ensconced throughout the video – text, colours and other branding elements can be embedded in the background giving the video a clear identity.

5. Shelf life
If your branding does change, so can your video – the background can be changed and updated, the logo replaced and the fonts amended or even an individual’s contribution replaced. Equally if you want to revisit the whole thing you can do so – shoot extra videos, alter text etc. This is all very do able if you have shot originally with a green screen background whereas on location it will always be that location and believe me, we’ve had lots of clients who for a number of reasons want to repurpose material so do consider green screen and talk to your video company about the pros and cons with future marketing strategies in mind.

Hope you found this helpful, though of course if you have any queries please give us a call on 01494 898919 and ask for a free discovery workshop so that we can explore the best options for your business videos.




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