Using Drones for Business

Using Drones for Business

Why a business may like or need to use Drone Video Footage

Drone footage is not new anymore and is found in an unbelievable number of places now. Video footage taken using drones are emerging in TV shows and films, adverts, the news and corporate websites. Getting (literally) a birds-eye-view of a setting is often visually spectacular, and can give the ‘wow factor’ enhancing almost any video production!

Predictions show that by 2030 there will be more than 76,000 drones in UK skies, in operation for business use. Reports also estimate that, in the same period, the use and impact of drones on the UK economy will be £16bn in net cost savings and will boost ‘multi-factor’ productivity by 3.2%.

The opportunities and reasons for obtaining drone video footage for your business are vast.  Here are just a few examples:



Do you manage a Golf Course, a Marina, a National Park or a Manor House or just a really lovely officewith stunning grounds that you’d like to show off?The wonderful advantages of having a video made using a drone is that there are no disruptions made and there aren’t any risks in the aesthetics of the property being ruined. Also unless the weather conditions are incredibly extreme, drone video footage and still photos can be taken in pretty much any weather.

Take One TV - golf club drone footage

Architecture & Construction

Within the construction industry drone video recordings can impressively demonstrate before, during and after footage of how building work is developing. Whether it is housing developments, motorway expansion, flood and coastal defences, tunnels or bridges, our qualified drone pilot can get some great video footage.



Rather than using cranes, cherry pickers, scaffolding or even helicopters, commissioning a drone pilot to take video footage of whatever needs accessing provides a huge financial saving.  Because of the limited space and resources needed for a drone pilot to perform an inspection, the amount of time saved can be enormous also. Furthermore, and probably most importantly, employees and other workforce are kept safe when taking Health and Safety into consideration.

Take One TV drone footage of sunrise


Farmers and land-owners are also taking advantage of the use of drones to analyse camera shots of their plot. With our more recent unpredictable weather conditions, agriculturists can monitor the development of crops, potentially revealing production inefficiencies or irrigation problems.


Sport / Leisure

Seeing aerial video footage of people or even cars and motorbikestaking part in a sport from the air is a really enjoyable experience. Watching drone video footage back can assist sports coaches to improve their players’ performance. On the business front, we have worked with an organisation to record drone footage of their outdoor team building fun day which included sporting activities and competitions.


Technical Director of Take One TV, Steve Groves is our qualified Drone pilot. Over the last couple of years he has put in an immense amount of hard work, exam taking, practise and commitment to fly a drone for business. This is a huge achievement for Steve and our video service offering.

Steve, Drone Pilot, Take One tV

So if you’d like to show a competitive edge in your industry and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to having your business video made, let Take One TV view your business from the air.





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