Video Newsletters – should you or shouldn’t you have one made?

Marketing is a must for any business to keep their brand awareness ‘out there’ and to have a chance of selling their service or product. This has been the case for a very long time. Yes word of mouth from existing relationships is incredibly powerful, but we all know it’s important to keep that marketing cog turning.  It’s something we say to our clients all the time.


What about your newsletters? If you send one of these out by email once in a while, does it do well for driving business your way?


There are a few things to think about when sending out a newsletter or mailshot. 

  • Frequency – how often is appropriate and how many a month is too many?
  • The ‘look’ - What is the format of this correspondence?
  • Time to read - How long is the document?
  • Audience - Is the ‘news’ Inviting? Engaging? Entertaining? Educational? Interesting?
  • Results - How well received is your mailshot?  How many of your recipients open the attachment and click through any of the links for more information?


Another point we at Take One would suggest is that you include a video as the main part of your mailshot. Did you know that not many people do a video newsletter? Considering video is a massive part of online presence these days, whyever would more people not do a video newsletter?

We are pretty confident when we say that if you include a video within your newsletter, more of your audience will open the email, click through and watch the video. 


Because video is much more consumable than reading columns and columns of text. 

Because, generally speaking, people remember 90% of what they have watched and heard in comparison to about 10% of what they have read.

Because videos are engaging, a more all-round experience, leading to more of your message resonating.


The average email open rate is 19.8% with a clickthrough rate of under 11% (Constant Contact Knowledge Base.)  By adding video to your email, you could increase your clickthrough rate by 65% (Campaign Monitor.)

YouTube is the second most used search engine platform (Google being number 1) – people want to watch videos for all sorts of reasons.  To learn something new, to watch a ‘talk’, to be entertained, to see how something works, to do research.  The list is endless as to what people look for in a video.  All the more reason for your blog, your newsletter or your mailshot to have video included.


Of course, it’s important to ensure your email and any links, images or videos are ‘mobile friendly’ too, millions of people now, more than ever are watching hours of videos on their phones.


Bonus tip - if you send out SMS marketing, even better!  The open rate is even higher on SMS at a whopping 95%, far greater than any other method of communication.


The team at Take One TV are professionals at creating and producing video newletters with our clients.  We have decades worth of experience in sharing how to be your best self on video and we love seeing the transformation in our clients from not being keen to be on video at all, to enjoying it. We can help with the strategy and preparation of your video, as well as the optimisation to maximise your reach.


Be unique in your industry, consider ‘putting yourself out there’ on a video newsletter for your customers, your prospects or your general business contacts.


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