Video Tips for Solo Businesses

Content Marketing  and Video Tips for Small Businesses

The internet is already synonymous for effective marketing because it gives companies around the world a faster and economical way to reach their target audience.

93% of marketers say they use content marketing as a part of their marketing strategy.

Content marketing is fast becoming the essence of marketing departments around the world and video content marketing is playing a key role in successful campaigns. The goals which marketers want to achieve with content marketing is it focusing less on lead generation and selling and more on engagement and developing a long term relationship with their audience and customers. That’s one of the reasons that video marketing works, when done well it enables potential clients to understand and engage with the ethos and personality of a business. With content marketing forget customer acquisition and think more about exposure, traffic gain, brand awareness and profile as thought or industry leaders.

Due to its popularity, there is now so much content that simple content isn’t enough to achieve the goals set out. In the increasingly popular and crowded world of context marketing what worked last month may not work today. To be successful in content marketing depends on engagement which should mostly be done through sharing. 

How should content marketers make their efforts stand out and grab the audience’s attention?

Plan a strategy for content marketing
93% of marketers use contents marketing but only 34% believe it is effective. The reason: the lack of planning in the marketing strategy, only 33% have a documented strategy for content marketing.
Planning a strategy for marketing is simple – take time to design future actions carefully. Consider events that are coming up in your industry, opportunities to comment and share video reports that highlight relevant skills. The further ahead that has been planned, the better the content will be as it can be integrated into an overall strategy. Technology marketers are more productive when they have a documented content marketing strategy compared to those who only have a verbal strategy or those who are without a clear strategy.

Know the audience

When planning a content marketing strategy the first thing that should be done is to identify a specific target audience. Consider demographics: location, age, gender, income level, education level, occupation and also the psycho-graphics of the target group (personality, attitudes, values, interests, lifestyles, behaviour). Consider how they will be viewing your material and the reasons they may be looking at you. Also look at what the trending topics are that are more likely to be shared in the chosen target audience and what their favourite ways of communicating are.

Focus on what people want to know

Engagement is what makes content marketing a great tool for any business. Engaged viewers are more likely to share the content with others and thy will also spend more time on the company’s website. This allows the company to exploit the viewers to gain exposure, increase traffic, brand a product or earn additional revenue with advertisements.

To create content to engage people focus on what people want to find out about the brand. Define & Clarify to the potential customers what problems the company solves for them. Most people like to have more information about a product they are interested in before buying it. They want to know if it will provide them with what they want, and if it’s easy to use. It’s still the old sell the sizzle and not the sausage message. In video, don’t sell a product or service but share the benefits of what using the product or service brings.

Blog the business

A website is a starting point. A blog can be an extremely effective way to spread content. If it’s done properly, a company can become a leader in the field they are in. 67% more leads are generated per month by B2B companies with a blog than those who don’t have one. Once written, a blog can also be repurposed onto other platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and industry outlets.
More attractive content can be created with media rich posts about the subjects the company wants to talk about. Whether YouTube (channel/embeds), Facebook native video or posting a free website online video platform has been chosen, enriching the content with video attracts more shares. 50% of buyers said after viewing a video related to a product they are more likely to search for more information and are also more confident in making an online purchase.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) also has to be thought about. To do this: identify the most relevant (and searchable) keywords for the subject. Think about the best way to include those terms into the title, body of the post, image and video.

Social share the content

67% of Twitter users are more likely to purchase a product from a brand they follow on social media. 70% of car buyers who use YouTube are influenced by video content when they make their purchase. Everyone has their own opinions and everything is a click away. Twitter and Facebook will help to engage with more consumers and encourage them to engage with each other by spreading recommendations about the company and the product.

Evaluate efforts constantly

Evolve the content and adapt it to the current trends. Having a content marketing strategy means tracking and monitoring what works and what doesn’t.

- Track engagement: Do people share the content? Do they post comments on the blog or download content? Is more or less content needed to amplify audience reach?

- Track newsletter & email subscriptions: How many people have signed up? Are people unsubscribing? Which works better: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly newsletter?

- Track search engine results and traffic stats: What is the total number of website visits? What keywords and pages attract the most visitors? References to content-from 3rd party news sites, blogs or social networks? Are 3rd party sites using information from the content?
- Track social share: Which posts are shared the most? Text only, with images or with videos?

- Learn by example: Learn from competition. What are they doing that works? Will it work for a different company or industry sector?

Content marketing will continue to attract more businesses to apply it going forward, particularly with the trend towards home or remote working as a result of Covid restrictions; doing it the right way will make any business stand out.

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