Video Transcription & Search Engine Ranking

Video Transcription Improves Search Engine Ranking

One of the keys to making Strategies for Video SEO more effective is to include professional transcription and captioning for video content.

Hints on how to make Marketing Strategies for Video SEO Effective:

1. Use SEO-friendly categories and video URLs
2. Piggyback video to your main domain from an established video platform, such as YouTube or Vimeo. This will give more opportunties for the videos to be listed and recommended and with a well branded channel profile the corporate identity is carried forward
3. Ensure that targeted keywords are included in video titles, descriptions and summaries. Viewers are more likely to be looking for a product or service than a company name, so include what it is you offer rather than your name or generic title; for instance ‘promo for jobs’ means little, but ‘Information on career opportunities in Nursing’ is far more specific.
4. Add video transcription to increase keyword usage; the transcription doese’t have to be verbatim and can be adjusted to include key words. This will facilitate a faster search ranking
5. Include Video sitemaps so that Google can see what videos are available
6. Place videos strategically on internal & external sites to build inbound link values
7. Use the transcription to create closed captions for those who wish to watch without sound or require additional visual support

Use closed captions to increase Video SEO results

These simple video strategies with improve results and should be the foundation of any video marketing best practice.

Other Ways to Make your Videos Effective

Consider using your videos in press releases and annotated your videos with content details, including duration and a video summary. This is a straightforward process when using a platform such as YouTube and you can use an annotation to create a call to action at a specific point in a view, or to direct viewers back to your website for more information. You can increase reach and SEO by embedding your videos on other websites, on YouTube this is a simple embed code request – click the embed button and use the code provided!

Using a few best practice rules for video marketing strategy can make a dramatic impact on video SEO results. Have a go and see how your returns improve. One word of caution though, don’t trust YouTube’s inbuild transcription facility – you do still need a human to understand the nuisances of language and left to the automated facility you will get some hilarious misinterpretations of audio tracks.

The study done by SafeNet shows that even in such a short amount of time, a dramatic impact can be made when transcriptions are incorporated into video SEO strategy.

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