You Tube Audio Library

You Tube’s Library is an amazing tool for those who want to use the power of music to add shape, drama and emotion to their videos, or photographic montages.

There are hundreds of royalty free tracks on offer arranged by instrument, duration, genre and mood. You can access the music via your Video Manager on your You Tube Channel page.

When choosing music a couple of things to remember.

1. Instrumental tracks are often better than voice tracks as they allow for easier editing, and if there is a voice then the viewer will often be distracted by the words – unless they are particularly appropriate and then that was your aim anyway!

2. Something with a strong beat can be very powerful for promotional and motivational items as it allows for cutting to the beat which carries the message along.

3. Remember the music is important, but it isn’t the be all and end all, it shouldn’t detract from the visuals – it is just a support mechanism that aids the feel and message of your images.

And finally, a word of warning, choosing music can be a time consuming activity and after awhile the tunes all start to sound the same, so allow plenty of time and space for selection.




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