YouTube recommends your video

How to get YouTube to recommend your video content

Optimise YouTube Video Titles

The title of a video is a main source of creator entered metadata and will have an impact on the suggested video’s algorithm. Titles are used to do three things:

To get people to click on videos
Titles (and thumbnails) are two of the most important components to getting someone to watch. This is the first step in generating watch time.

To tell the algorithm many videos are relevant to each other It helps to indicate a relationship to the algorithm so include a relevant mention of what the video is about and who appears. For example: ‘Financial Advise for Professional Sports People from Matt Thomas – things you should consider.’

To try to secure high ranks for a particular Keyword for a video
This is the most important thing for securing placements in the suggested videos column for other people’s videos.

Optimise YouTube Video Metadata

Important aspects of metadata include: descriptions, tags and closed captions. A lot, if not all, of the principles around SEO apply to the ‘suggested videos’ algorithm. Here are a few guidelines which could be followed:

1. Video descriptions should be a minimum of 3 sentences. Also place them at the top of the description box before links and everything else.
2. Include a generic 5-5 sentence description of the programme at the bottom of the description box (use YouTube’s default tools to help!)
3. A focus of one keyword should be used for descriptions and tags
4. Tags should be limited to 10-12 with a focus on the main keyword
5. Include the same 4-6 ‘generic tags’.

Interlink Videos via Annotations and Playlists

Interlinking videos in annotations, InVideo programming, playlists, links in description boxes and commenting on older videos with new video links are tools available to use to help dominate the suggested videos algorithm.

A lot of data indicates these actions lead to people spending more time on YouTube for longer sessions and view durations.

Upload Compelling Custom Thumbnails

The most important thing to get people to actually click on videos is to use custom thumbnails. The more people who click on the videos, the more watch time is added and the more like YouTube will recognise the relevance of your material and recommend it onwards.

Although, a word of warning, some people - often subscription lead content - use a misleading thumbnail to get viewers; if a misleading thumbnail is used, people will click off the video harming the average view duration, and harming the suggested video algorithm performance. Don’t do it, it’s not necessary; with all the other tools available to you via YouTube or professional video production and video marketing companies, it’s really not necessary. 

Finally, if you are creating your own video content, it's worth speaking to a professional video production company such as TakeOne to see if they can create your some template thumbnails and a smart opening and closing piece for your videos - this will keep your brand strong and help viewers to recognise your content more easily.  Even something as simple as animating your logo will help build a stronger brand recognition.  If you'd like to know more about making your own videos more engaging for your viewers do give us a call and we'll explore the options available to you.





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