• Social Marketing and Video Content

    Social  Marketing and Video Content
    One of the most common challenges that clients perceive with social marketing videos is not having enough to talk about or show on camera. People often feel they don’t have enough content that will be sufficiently engaging and appeal to their audience. Here are some ideas to help you get your video marketing strategy calendar filled out!

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  • Drones for Video and 360 Degree Footage

    Drones for Video and 360 Degree Footage
    Well, it was never going to be a big seller though some businesses made a profit for a short time and in some cases, usually films! We’re talkinga bout 3D technology of course, and 3D can be used well, if used subtlety, thought it’s now a thing of the past and have to say we never, ever got to use the facility on our editing systems as most business and corporate video work is more interested in the message than the new technology. That said, one thing which may need attention though is 360 video, and more importantly 360 Aerial video so here are few tips and hints about what to consider and what is available.

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  • Video Content on Facebook

    Video Content on Facebook
    As with all communications, the best way to make video work as a marketing tool is to begin with the right message for your target audience; then test the message, just to check that you’re right and that nothing significant has changed in audience metrics then take full advantage of SEO friendly optimisation techniques. Facebook and Facebook Live are changing the way brands use videos, allowing them to build more personal and engaging relationships with their audience. Here are a few tips to help your video marketing strategy get off to a flying start.

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  • How to promote your YouTube Channel

    How to promote your YouTube Channel
    YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, with Google – who own YouTube – being the largest, so making the most of getting your YouTube Channel found is a vital part of any on line marketing strategy. Here are a few ideas to help you make more of the power of your videos on YouTube.

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  • Using Video for On Line Sales & Marketing

    Using Video for On Line Sales & Marketing
    Businesses can spend a lot of time and effort trying to get themselves ranked well on Google, and found above their competitors. This can include a myriad of resources from Google Pay Per Click, to email blasts, to social media platforms, webinars to name just a few of the areas that marketing professionals need to understand these days to get a positive marketing strategy that delivers results. Businesses need to be found on line, so how can you make this happen more easily and how can adding video to your marketing mix help?

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