• Mental Health Projects

    Mental Health Projects
    Let's talk about mental health, well-being and promoting positivity, happiness and flourishment. Elvan, our marketing co-ordinator shares news of a recent achievement.

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  • Take One TV is 25 years old!

    Take One TV is 25 years old!
    Take One TV is celebrating 25 years of being in business.

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  • How to Prevent Loss of Video Data

    How to Prevent Loss of Video Data
    With the development of digital technology it's became vital to have a robust process to ensure the security and integrtiy of video content for our clients. Here are a few basic rules to help avoid the loss of video data.

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  • DEEPFAKE – Who Owns The Rights?

    DEEPFAKE – Who Owns The Rights?
    Deepfake technology has many worrying potential political applications, but has also piqued the interest of the Hollywood Studios providing the film production companies with the ability to resurrect long dead film stars such as James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Heath Ledger or Marlon Brando and to feature them in new movies. Putting aside the ethical questions, there is also the question of Rights. Who actually owns the rights to these virtual performances, is it the studio that produces the movie from a computer algorithm or is it the family estate of the dead actor featuring in the movie?

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  • Using Drones for Business

    Using Drones for Business
    With phenomenal predictions of the number of drones used in the coming years, the opportunities for obtaining drone video footage for your business are vast. Read our blog for a few examples.

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