• Masks and Deep Fake Videos

    Masks and Deep Fake Videos
    If any of you saw 'The Alternative Queen's Speech' on Christmas Day and subsequent Dispatches programme on Channel 4, you'll have caught a glimpse of the power of Deep Fakes - is there a use for this in genuine communications?

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  • How to create a Video

    How to create a Video
    The content of a video needs to be thought about. One thing to think about is why the viewer should buy from you. Think about your business; why would someone choose your business over another one who does the exact same thing? This isn’t about selling; it’s about what benefits you offer which makes the difference of someone choosing to engage with your company.

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  • Facebook Live - 8 Tips for Video Content

    Facebook Live - 8 Tips for Video Content
    Live broadcasting platforms are becoming increasingly popular as a vehicle for marketing brands. But you need to choose your platform carefully as not all content works well on all platforms. Here are some content ideas to consider adding to your video marketing strategy in 2017 that will illustrate how to use your brand effectively and also show tasks that relate to your industry as a whole. People put a lot of trust in videos on line so it ought to be a consideration in marketing budgets going forward.

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  • What to wear on camera

    What to wear on camera
    Making your first appearance on camera to promote your business, or maybe given a testimonial for a supplier? Then here are a few tips as what to wear, or not to wear, that will help put you in the Director’s good books and make you look your best.

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  • Guide to Filming in High Wycombe

    Guide to Filming in High Wycombe
    If you’re considering filming in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, you’ll needs to know a few things to help make the experience as stress free as possible; just a few pointers here from an experienced video production company on who to contact so as to prepare the way for a smooth programme of events.

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