• What to wear on camera

    What to wear on camera
    Making your first appearance on camera to promote your business, or maybe given a testimonial for a supplier? Then here are a few tips as what to wear, or not to wear, that will help put you in the Director’s good books and make you look your best.

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  • Guide to Filming in High Wycombe

    Guide to Filming in High Wycombe
    If you’re considering filming in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, you’ll needs to know a few things to help make the experience as stress free as possible; just a few pointers here from an experienced video production company on who to contact so as to prepare the way for a smooth programme of events.

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  • YouTube for Business Video

    YouTube for Business Video
    The YouTube sensation is one that has dominated the video platform for the last 10 years and continues to do so, despite the best efforts of its rivals. So how did YouTube reach such meteoric status and why does it continue to dominate?

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  • Tips on Video Marketing - Part 1

    Tips on Video Marketing - Part 1
    If you still need convincing, here are just a couple of persuasive statistics that illustrate how video can be a powerful tool in marketing your product:

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  • Calculating Data Rates & File Sizes for Video

    Calculating Data Rates & File Sizes for Video
    A data rate is the rate at which information being transferred. It’s expressed in terms of amount of information transferred per unit of time. So when describing the speed of a hard drive we talk in terms of Megabytes/second. Whereas compressed audio files are generally expressed in kilobytes/second. When you know the data rate at which your information is being transferred, it’s possible to determine how much storage you will require on your hard drive.

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