• Encoding video for YouTube Part 2 of 2

    Encoding video for YouTube Part 2 of 2
    YouTube is a user friendly platform, however there are some technical bits of ‘knowhow’ that will help you get the best out of your material when encoding. In part two of this How too… encode video for YouTube blog we start with best practice for getting the right format, then look at deinterlacing, bit rates, codecs, encoding software and share some of our recommendations for getting the best resolutions.

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  • To Green Screen, or not on Video?

    To Green Screen, or not on Video?
    Using a green screen can save you time in both pre-production, production and post. There is no need to scout locations, carry out recces or look for props to fill a set. So depending on the content, message and budget it’s worth considering a green screen studio and discussing with your video production company.

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  • Planning your Video Shoot Part 1

    Planning your Video Shoot Part 1
    The filming of a corporate video is only a small part of the process; the most important part is the planning and preparation that takes place before filming. However, assuming you’ve got to the filming stage and are well prepared, in this 3 part guide we share a few tips on how to ensure a successful shoot based on our knowledge of over 25 years in the video production industry. We will cover preparation, location considerations, economical shooting, audio mishaps to avoid and value of holding shots.

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  • Planning your Video Shoot Part 2

    Planning your Video Shoot  Part 2
    Let’s make a movie – part two of our hints and tips on preparing for a video shoot. Successful video that delivers a good return on investment needs a lot of planning and strategy; for a good shoot that goes to schedule and provides the best footage for post production, you need to plan. So we hope you find our hints and tips useful for your next production. Of course, if you want to discuss how we can work with you to create a powerful bit of movie magic for your business, just give us a call!

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  • Guide to Filming Styles & Techniques

    Guide to Filming Styles & Techniques
    Whether you’re doing a 20 to 30 second commercial, a 1-3 minute infomercial or an in-depth documentary, you’ll find this essential guide to the different types of video styles and techniques a useful platform to start from.

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