• Using Video for On Line Sales & Marketing

    Using Video for On Line Sales & Marketing
    Businesses can spend a lot of time and effort trying to get themselves ranked well on Google, and found above their competitors. This can include a myriad of resources from Google Pay Per Click, to email blasts, to social media platforms, webinars to name just a few of the areas that marketing professionals need to understand these days to get a positive marketing strategy that delivers results. Businesses need to be found on line, so how can you make this happen more easily and how can adding video to your marketing mix help?

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  • Add Value to Budgets with Video Localisation

    Add Value to Budgets with Video Localisation
    An important use of Google Analytics with your YouTube channel is to see how it steers viewers to your website and vice versa. Do they come from your website? What other types of website do they come from? Maybe with this sort of information you can start to expand your video strategy and align yourself with complimentary topics and sources.

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  • Using Video in Marketing

    Using Video in Marketing
    The success and importance of video in search and marketing was perhaps recognised in 2006 when Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion. No wonder that having video on your home page on line provides a 54 times better chance of you getting returned in a Google search result list. Of course, Google then decided to roll forward the idea of ads to monetise its investment in YouTube and capitalise on the success of the channel for brands, marketers and individuals giving yet another way in which to push potential customers to a product or service.

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  • Tips for Appearing on Video

    Tips for Appearing on Video
    We all know that time is of the essence when trying to pitch your business, and on video it’s vital you get the message, as well as the look and feel, right because your video pitch will be viewed over and over on line. Creating the right impact in 60 seconds means you need to plan accordingly, so we’ve put together a few useful tips on how to prepare for appearing on camera for your first video pitch.

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  • You Tube Audio Library

    You Tube Audio Library
    Handy hints on choosing the best music for your video production using YouTube's audio library.

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