• Planning your Video Shoot Part 1

    Planning your Video Shoot Part 1
    The filming of a corporate video is only a small part of the process; the most important part is the planning and preparation that takes place before filming. However, assuming you’ve got to the filming stage and are well prepared, in this 3 part guide we share a few tips on how to ensure a successful shoot based on our knowledge of over 25 years in the video production industry. We will cover preparation, location considerations, economical shooting, audio mishaps to avoid and value of holding shots.

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  • Planning your Video Shoot Part 2

    Planning your Video Shoot  Part 2
    Let’s make a movie – part two of our hints and tips on preparing for a video shoot. Successful video that delivers a good return on investment needs a lot of planning and strategy; for a good shoot that goes to schedule and provides the best footage for post production, you need to plan. So we hope you find our hints and tips useful for your next production. Of course, if you want to discuss how we can work with you to create a powerful bit of movie magic for your business, just give us a call!

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  • Guide to Filming Styles & Techniques

    Guide to Filming Styles & Techniques
    Whether you’re doing a 20 to 30 second commercial, a 1-3 minute infomercial or an in-depth documentary, you’ll find this essential guide to the different types of video styles and techniques a useful platform to start from.

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  • Video for Professional Services: Solicitors

    Video for Professional Services: Solicitors
    Case Study for use of Video for Professional Services: INT: What difference has having the video made to your business? PETER: I think it’s made a crucial difference to our business. It makes us present differently to other solicitors; often clients are considering coming to talk to us about sensitive subjects so giving them an opportunity to ‘virtually’ met us before they call is a real benefit. In fact, we had one client come to us who had scoured the internet and looked at 23 or 30 different firms in the region and had chosen to instruct us specifically because of the video on the website.

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  • Guide to Instagram for Business

    Guide to Instagram for Business
    Our blog this week is the first part of 3 guides on how to use Instagram for business. Many thanks to Gina from Holmer Green Senior School who contributed to researching and writing this blog during her work experience placement with us. Hope you find it useful; next week we’ll be looking how to share a photo and some further tips on how to get the best out of Instagram for business.

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  • Guide to Using Instagram Part 2

    Guide to Using Instagram Part 2
    In Part 2 of 3 of our ‘How to make the most Instagram for your Business Marketing’ on line Gina, (our guest blogger from Homer Green Senior School) looks at the best way of sharing a photo on Instagram and also shares us her five top tips for best use of the platform including updates on Stories and Boomberang!

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  • Guide to Using Instagram - Part 3

    Guide to Using Instagram - Part 3
    Instagram is a top site used for promotion of products and services for businesses. There are currently 8 million registered businesses using Instagram business profiles. In March 2017, over 120 million Instagrammers visited a website, got directions, called, emailed, or direct messaged to learn about a business based on an Instagram advertisement so it’s definitely worth looking at as a part of your digital marketing strategy. This week’s blog (thanks to Gina again) is the third part of our series on how to make Instagram work for businesses.

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  • What type of video would work for my business?

    What type of video would work for my business?
    Video is memorable, easy to ingest and thus appealing to the on line audience. Obviously, it’s vital to start planning your video content with the end in mind, that is who is your target audience and what are they looking for that you can supply? We always find it’s useful to ask clients, ‘What is it that your potential clients are searching for when they are looking for your products or services? Depending on your audience and your message, different styles of video may be more or less appropriate, and effective. Here are 5 types of video to consider.

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  • How much does a video cost?

    How much does a video cost?
    How much does it cost to make a 60 second talking head video? Well that’s a tricky question because you see buying a creative service is not like buying a box of Rice Krispies off the shelf in a supermarket (other breakfast cereals are available!). Surprisingly, it’s also not necessarily the length of the video that determines the price, and often shorter pieces are more expensive than longer format videos.

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  • Google Analytics to Measure ROI

    Google Analytics to Measure ROI
    If you want a simple method for tracking the success of certain marketing strategies, Google Analytics can be a real boon. If you just want to see traffic from certain countries or those that have just signed up for the newsletter, or blog traffic – it’s all easily done with no ‘set up’ component. You can monitor your mobile and tablet traffic with ease. You can also set up bespoke dashboards or use some of those already in the package to measure things like views on your video and links from other sites.

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