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  • blog date 01 February 2016

    YouTube Video Platform 11 times bigger than Facebook!

    YouTube Video Platform 11 times bigger than Facebook!

    How many videos have you seen on YouTube that don’t have a clear direction for contact? We see lots, and people also often say to us, ‘Oh we won’t put our contact details on the video, it’ll be on our website anyway…’ Well yes, but actually many people will find your video before they find your website, probably on YouTube or Facebook or one of the other myriad of digital platforms out there. So make sure your audience can easily get to you by including contact information – YouTube is now 11 times bigger than Facebook for video and the statistics show that it’s the most popular platform for video viewing worldwide, ignore it at your peril.

  • blog date 19 May 2015

    YouTube Cards

    YouTube Cards

    Annotations have been used for years to engage with viewers. More flexibility with the information shared through annotations is needed and – more importantly – having it to work on all screens especially mobiles. That’s why YouTube introduced ‘Cards’ in March 2015.




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