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  • blog date 25 February 2016

    Google overtakes Apple as most valuable listed company

    Google overtakes Apple as most valuable listed company

    It is interesting to see Google rising up over Apple; making Google the maybe that’s a good thing, or maybe no. It does make Google the world’s most valuable listed company and it may well be that the increased used of video on line is helping to push advertising on Google AdWords and driving profits for them, video certainly has a noticeable effect on marketing on line and is forecast to continue to grow going forward.

  • blog date 18 March 2014

    Apple's CarPlay Missing An Important Feature?

    Welcome to our guest blogger,Camille McClane. Camille is a writer, researcher and designer based in Southern California who frequently writes for HostPapa.co.uk on all-things tech, including web hosting, viral video marketing and much more. Camille hopes you enjoy this article, and is ecstatic to be a blog contributor for takeonetv.com!




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