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  • blog date 16 November 2018

    Better audio for your Video

    Better audio for your Video

    We’ve all been in a situation when you’re filming someone talking to the camera and there is a lot of background noise which you can’t control. Here is our advice on how to get clear-sounding audio.

  • blog date 27 September 2018

    Things to consider when editing a video

    Things to consider when editing a video

    You’ve had your lovely corporate video filmed and now it’s time to start editing. Read this blog for some editing tips to help get you started.

  • blog date 25 May 2017

    To Green Screen, or not to Green Screen on Video?

    To Green Screen, or not to Green Screen on Video?

    Using a green screen can save you time in both pre-production, production and post. There is no need to scout locations, carry out recces or look for props to fill a set. So depending on the content, message and budget it’s worth considering a green screen studio and discussing with your video production company.

  • blog date 13 August 2013


    3D TV was heralded as the next big change in the video industry, akin to going digital. Our gut feel was that it was bit of a passing phase, dealing with large corporate clients where some are still struggling with HD and the intricacies of their own intranets or the world wide web.

    So this article from digitaltrends brought a smile to our faces!

  • blog date 31 May 2013

    Can Video Help Businesses Grow?

    Well produced, targeted video is a highly effective tool when used as part of an overall marketing strategy for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

  • blog date 10 April 2013


    Hasan Khan talked to Rob McKenzie about his experiences with Take One TV in High Wycombe during his recent work placement required as part of his final year at BCUC for his degree in Film and Television Production.




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