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  • blog date 29 June 2015

    Pros and Cons of 4K TV

    Pros and Cons of 4K TV

    4K TV is predicted to go mainstream within the next five years therefore more media should be produced for the 4K TVs. But what about people who do not want or cannot afford a 4K TV? Will they be left in the past, unable to watch any new films or television? Will this be another 3D debacle? Quite likely, well at least for some time in the future and certainly for business purposes we need to look for the most common receiving format and facility, so lower common denominator rules – which is still the internet for now! HD video on the interview is gaining some segment but the majority is lower resolution or standard resolution so although we can edit in 4K for corporate video we don’t see it being a big area for production in the near future.




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