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  • blog date 08 August 2014

    Customer focus, Employee focus

    Allowing members of staff to have responsibility and to honour the knowledge often have of the front line business issues can be a powerful enhancer for a business. One of the ways that works well for this communication is video, not flashy high end expensive material, but people centred video that gets to the heart of a business – something Take One are experts at, so if you want to know more – just ask!

  • blog date 29 November 2012


    Video and social media are going to play an increased and more important role in good customer/employee engagement. Although it’s not the same as a true face to face encounter, it’s pretty close and does provide more impact than the written word alone. One client said they had found video to be a really powerful tool when gathering customer comments, just seeing and hearing the customer talk about why they had been disappointed with a service and perhaps even left a company was so much more memorable and thought provoking than just the bare statistics.




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