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  • blog date 06 October 2016

    Video Content on Facebook

    Video Content on Facebook

    As with all communications, the best way to make video work as a marketing tool is to begin with the right message for your target audience; then test the message, just to check that you’re right and that nothing significant has changed in audience metrics then take full advantage of SEO friendly optimisation techniques.
    Facebook and Facebook Live are changing the way brands use videos, allowing them to build more personal and engaging relationships with their audience.
    Here are a few tips to help your video marketing strategy get off to a flying start.

  • blog date 05 May 2015

    Using Video Adverts on Facebook

    There is over a 50% growth of video viewing on Facebook, which means with Facebook video adverts businesses are driving awareness and sales. Whether you are B2B or B2C, having a Facebook presence is a vital part of any marketing strategy, and with the latest facility to use video it adds even great oomph to your plans. Find out how to get your video marketing onto Facebook.




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